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Art Work from Girls Who Love Amelia in Dallas, Texas!

I want to show the SPECTACULAR Art Work from my new friends from Dallas, Texas! Thank you very much for sharing your work with me! Each one of them wrote a question and I'm super happy and excited to answer them! But first listen to this Special message from Amelia to all of her new friends!

Art Work from Desiree, 6 years old!

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Desiree is asking me if I have Barbies. I do, I love Barbies! I love to change their clothes and comb their hair. I really like combing their hair! One day I cut their hair really short, I've always wanted to have short hair so I thought it was a good idea to cut their hair. But my mommy didn't like the idea too much. She was a little bit angry and she took my Barbies away for some time. I think I won't cut their hair anymore. I don't like to disobey my mommy, I like when she is happy because it makes me happy too.

Art Work from Guadalupe, 9 years old!
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Guadalupe is asking me why I like wearing dresses. I love dresses and I love pink! When I wear dresses I feel like a princess! I feel like I'm going to a party because I love dancing too! When I dance my dress flows and I love how it feels! I also like wearing nice shoes and purses!

Art Work From Dioselyn, 6 years old!
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Dioselyn is asking me if I have Dolls. I love dolls specially stuffed animals. Like Ducky, he is a Duck and I love him very much. We do everything together. My mommy says he is very muddy and she wants to wash him all the time. But Ducky is different from all the other Ducks because he doesn't like the water. But I also have dolls with long hair because I love combing their hair! I like playing with dolls but I also like to play outside and run around. I love picking and smelling the flowers specially the pink ones!

Art Work from Angie, 7 years old!
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Angie is asking me if I have dogs. I don't have dogs or cats. I love animals specially cats! I love black cats but my daddy is allergic to fuzzy hair. He says it makes him sneeze so we don't have pets. I really really want a cat, maybe one day when my daddy stops sneezing. He says we might get a smaller animal like a fish. But fish are boring, I like cats because they purr and I like their soft hair and to hug them as hard as I can. I have a neighbor that has a cat and he lets me play with him.

Art Work from Natali, 5 years old!
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Natali is telling me in Spanish that I am very pretty. Gracias Natali! I'm sure you are very very pretty too (Estoy segura de que eres muy linda tambien). All the girls are pretty and special in their own way. I like speaking Spanish too! I speak Spanish, English and Russian. My mommy says it's because I learn it from them. It's super nice to talk to people from all around the world! I love having new friends in Dallas. I wish one day I can go and visit you. Maybe we can become pen pals and write to each other. It would be very special!

Art Work from Daisy, 6 years old!

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Daisy is asking me in Spanish if I like to eat. I love chocolate cake and strawberry ice cream! (Me encanta la torta de chocolate y el helado de fresa). Sometimes my mommy gives me peas and carrots and I don't like it very much but she tells me I have to eat it because it's good for me. I like chicken, I love chicken, I only eat chicken! (Me encanta comer pollo). And I love fruits, I love strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas. I love all the fruits!

Art Work from Monica, 7 years old!
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Monica is asking me in Spanish if I have a dog, which is my favorite day and if I have any dolls. I don't have dogs but I wish one day I will have a cat. I have many dolls but I prefer stuffed animals like my Ducky. My favorite day is Saturday! I love Saturdays because I get to sleep with my mommy, daddy and my sister Sofia in the same room. We sleep together because we want to wake up the next day and watch cartoons all together. I love cartoons! My favorite one is "The Smurfs" (Los Pitufos). I love Smurfet (Pitufina). She is so pretty and I love her white shoes! We watch cartoons until noon and then we have lunch together! It's so much fun! Saturday is a very special day!

Art Work from Mya

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Art Work from Cynthia, 7 years old!

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Cynthia is asking me what is my favorite food. I love to eat cakes, milkshakes, chicken and fruits! I love to go out to the ice cream store and buy strawberry ice cream with lots of cookies! I also love apple pie. With my mommy we love baking apple pie together and my daddy really likes it too. My sister Sofia likes more chocolate cake, I like it too!

Art Work from Kimberly, 8 years old

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A very special girl called Kimberly asked me if I am mean. I'm not mean. I don't like mean girls or boys. I don't understand why they are mean. I like to have many friends and I like to be special with each one of them. I'm sure Kimberly is a very special little girl. And a little bird told me that she is very pretty and she looks like a little princess. Just like me! I think we are all princesses and special in our own way! There is a mean girl in my school but I don't like to talk to her or share things with her. I prefer my nice friends. I wish I can be best friends with Kimberly and all the other girls from Dallas!

Art Work from Mari, 12 years old
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Mari is asking me what I like about art and why? I love painting and I love my art class! I also love my teacher because she is really nice and pretty! She smiles all the time. I like to paint with many colors, I like to draw rainbows and clouds. My mommy likes to draw too, so we draw together all the time. She says I'm am very talented, I don't understand my mommy sometimes but I think that she likes what I paint. She is very happy when I bring her new drawings and she always puts them on the fridge or in her bedroom. My daddy also likes my drawings very much. When his friends come to our house he shows my drawings to everyone. I like when my daddy and mommy like my drawings it makes me feel special. I want to show Mari and all of my friends my drawing, you can see it at the bottom of this page. I got a sticker for Good Work!

Amelia Likes Painting too! Just like her friends from Dallas!
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I love painting! That is why I love my art class very much! My teacher is very nice, her name is Mrs. Anderson and she is from America. She has blue eyes and she is very pretty. When I grow up I want to be just like her. She liked my drawing very much, she gave me a sticker for Good Work! Not everybody gets a sticker only those who paint really pretty. Do you like drawing as much as I do?


Isabel Pinto said...

It is fascinating to see all your amazing new friends from Dallas. They seem to love art and are learning Spanish very well. I loved all of their paintings!

Liliana said...

Message from GIRLS INC. Dallas:

Hi Amelia, the girls were very excited when they read your messages to each of them. That is so nice of you!!! They can't wait to be your pen pals and do more fun activities with you!!